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Mickey Lawler Teaches You to Paint Landscape Fabric DVD, by Mickey Lawler
Our Price: $21.95
From  $21.95ex VAT$22.39inc VAT
Spend quality time with Mickey Lawler as she teaches you techniques for painting your own fabric to create beautiful landscape effects. In this DVD, you'll learn what supplies you need to get started, how  Learn More
Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth: Stamp, Screen & Stencil with Everyday Objects, by Rayna Gillman
Our Price: $27.95
From  $27.95ex VAT$28.51inc VAT
Fun, foolproof ways to create your own one-of-a-kind fabric! Discover your inner artist and put your junk drawer to good use. In this practical guide to the exciting world of surface design. Learn 8  Learn More
Fabric Art Collage: 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, by Rebekah Meier
Our Price: $26.95
From  $26.95ex VAT$27.49inc VAT
Mix it up with dozens of exciting new ways to create mixed media fabric art! Have you ever melted crayons onto muslin? Painted wool felt with bleach? Heat-embossed quilt batting using lace? Rebekah Meier has,  Learn More
Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper, 8-1/2 in x 11 in, 18-Sheet Pack
Our Price: $35.96
From  $35.96ex VAT$36.68inc VAT
Transfer you imagination into art with TAP, a premium-quality transfer paper that allows you to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. Have more fun with fabric, paper, wood,  Learn More
Silicone Release Paper, 8-1/2 in x 11 in, 10-Sheet Pack
Our Price: $8.96
From  $8.96ex VAT$9.14inc VAT
Non-Stick Applique, Release, Transfer Paper. The best sizes for both small and large projects in one convenient package. Trace and transfer designs with ease. Heat set oil pastels, watercolor crayons  Learn More
Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition
Our Price: $15.26
From  $15.26ex VAT$15.57inc VAT
Perfect colors every time! 24 color cards with numbered swatches. 5 color plans for each color. 2 value finders (red & green). 816 colors with CMYK and RGB formulas, plus HEX numbers for website design. Based  Learn More
Ready-to-Go! Blank Canvas Book, 7 in x 8 in, 2-Pack
Our Price: $8.96
From  $8.96ex VAT$9.14inc VAT
Go Natural! Blank, raw, 100% cotton canvas bound into a soft book that's ready to paint, sew, ink, decoupage, stamp, cut, and embellish. Flexible, soft surface makes an ideal base for altered arts and mixed  Learn More
Piece O' Cake Designs Eco Tote

Our Price: $3.66
From  $3.66ex VAT$3.73inc VAT
You can shop until you drop with this sturdy tote. Roomy and beautiful, you can travel to art class or the market in style. Everything inside will stay put with a secure zipper and a wide, reinforced bottom panel  Learn More