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  • Akua Printmaking Starter Set
    Akua Intaglio is a water based ink made with the highest quality gum binders and light fast pigments. Wiping the plate with water based ink is quicker than oil based ink so less wiping pressure is advised. This ...
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  • Akua Liquid Pigment, Fluid Water-Based Monotype Ink, 4oz Bottles
    Daniel Smith is proud to offer this line of AkuaKolor Fluid Water-Based Monotype Inks. They have a rich working consistency ideal for all monotype techniques. It stays wet on the plate for a very long ...
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  • Akua Liquid Pigment Needle Applicators, 5-pack
    Akua Need Applicator, 5-pack Akua Needle Applicators are ideal for drawing fine lines, similar to an etching, on monotype plates and paper. The small one-ounce bellows bottle fits comfortably in your palm. The ...
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  • Akua Intaglio Water-Based Inks, 8oz cans
    Akua Intaglio Water-based Ink is made  with the highest quality binders and lightfast pigments and is labeled non-toxic and conforms to ASTMD 4236. Formulated for intaglio or etching, it also works well ...
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  • Akua Liquid Pigment Tack Thickener 4oz
    Thickens ink for relief printmaking. To thicken Akua Liquid Pigment and achieve semi-gloss color, add Tack Thickener. With Tack Thickener Akua Liquid Pigment feels more like oil based ink. Tack Thickener also ...
    Our Price: $9.42
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  • Akua Mag Mix (Ink Stiffener) 8oz
    Akua Mag Mix is magnesium carbonate mixed with a soy based binder. Its creamy paste consistency mixes smoothly into Akua Intaglio Inks. Use to stiffen Akua intaglio ink for printing intaglio plates and ...
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  • Blending Medium, Akua Liquid Pigment, 4oz
    Thins Akua Intaglio Ink. Use with Akua Liquid Pigment for blending colors and creating washes. Directions: Add a few drops into Akua Intaglio ink to thin for brushwork or ease wiping for intaglio ...
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  • Akua Pin Press, 20 inch
    The Akua PinPress was designed specifically for monotype printmakers who may not need the use of a heavy etching press. The roller is precisely machined to an incredibly even and smooth surface for uniform ...
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