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Iwata Kustom Hi-Line HP-TH Airbrush
Our Price: $452.66
From  $452.66ex VAT$461.71inc VAT
The first airbrush to create a fan-patterned spray, the TH stands alone among its peers. Triggering the imagination of auto-body touch-up and Kustom painting, the Kustom TH delivers unprecedented control of a  Learn More
Iwata RG-3 Spray Gun
Our Price: $367.26
From  $367.26ex VAT$374.61inc VAT
Auto-graphics artists, auto-body refinishers, custom-auto painters, large-scale mural and sign makers, general-purpose painters and artists commonly use Anest Iwata spray guns for everything from detail touch-up  Learn More
Iwata Custom Micron CM-C+ Airbrush
Our Price: $532.52
From  $532.52ex VAT$543.17inc VAT
For the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control of very detailed spraying, this Custom Micron Series brush is built to be the “best of the best,” hand-tested and adjusted by the world’s  Learn More
Iwata Power Jet Pro Compressor
Our Price: $459.98
From  $459.98ex VAT$469.18inc VAT
Featuring the powerful twin-pump, 1/6 Hp motor, the Power Jet Pro compressor is equipped with twice the features of the Power Jet Lite like two air pressure regulators for precise adjustment of airflow at  Learn More
Iwata Power Jet Lite Compressor
Our Price: $346.43
From  $346.43ex VAT$353.36inc VAT
Featuring the powerful twin-pump, 1/6 Hp motor, the Power Jet Lite compressor is equipped with a pressure regulator for precise adjustment of airflow. Built with Iwata’s Smart Technology, it automatically shuts  Learn More
Iwata Compressor Smart Jet
Our Price: $259.81
From  $259.81ex VAT$265.01inc VAT
Intelligent Power featuring Iwata’s Smart Technology, the Smart Jet compressor is perfect for the occasional and professional artist doing general airbrush applications. It’s powerful, compact, reliable and  Learn More
Iwata Intro Airbrush Kit
Our Price: $534.73
From  $534.73ex VAT$545.42inc VAT
Only from Iwata, this Airbrush Kits will have you learning on the best equipment in the industry. It includes an assortment of materials that will have you airbrushing fast and producing impressive results  Learn More
Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS Airbrush Kit
Our Price: $188.55
From  $188.55ex VAT$192.32inc VAT
This multi-purpose, high-paint-flow, high-detail Eclipse Series airbrush covers a wide range of uses. Commonly used to spray premixed or heavier paints, it is well suited for uses demanding precise control of  Learn More
Iwata Beginner Airbrush Kit
Our Price: $262.39
From  $262.39ex VAT$267.64inc VAT
Iwata Airbrush Beginner Airbrush Set has everything you need to get started, including the NEO for Iwata CN, a gravity-feed, dual-action airbrush that's ideal for new users, the Ninja Jet Compressor for  Learn More
Medea Textile Color Sample Kit, 2 oz
Our Price: $22.19
From  $22.19ex VAT$22.63inc VAT
Medea Textile Paint is not just for textiles! Use on leather, fabric, wood, paper, canvas, vinyl, primed plastics & metals. These paints are airbrush ready, fast drying, lightfast and permanent when  Learn More
Medea Com-Art Opaque Paints

Our Price: $2.06
From  $2.06ex VAT$2.10inc VAT
Non-toxic and ready-to-use, Com-Art Colors are specifically formulated for the airbrush - and never need to be filtered or strained. They're heavily pigmented with the finest ground pigments for  Learn More
GOLDEN Airbrush Medium, 8oz
Our Price: $10.78
From  $10.78ex VAT$11.00inc VAT
GOLDEN® Airbrush Medium - 8oz Bottle GOLDEN® Airbrush Medium is used to modify Golden Fluid Acrylics for airbrush/spray application. Effectively decreases clogging and tip buildup during  Learn More
Artool Cutting Rails
Our Price: $12.45-$17.97
From  $12.45ex VAT$12.70inc VAT
Thanks to the patented raised-edge design, the Cutting Rail prevents sharp blades from hopping over the top and cutting your fingers. The non-slip backing locks onto any surface for extra protection and  Learn More
Iwata Regulator DHCL
Our Price: $50.57
From  $50.57ex VAT$51.58inc VAT
This regulator is essential for optimizing the performance of both the compressor and the airbrush. It can be attached either directly to the air source or can be placed inline between two airhoses. Moisture  Learn More
Iwata Magnetic Airport Hanger
Our Price: $22.28
From  $22.28ex VAT$22.73inc VAT
The Airport Hanger will hang most styles of airbrushes. It’s adjustable hanging positions accommodate for the most varying types of airbrush shapes and feed types. The Airport Hanger is constructed of solid  Learn More
Artool Texture FX Template Set
Our Price: $36.84
From  $36.84ex VAT$37.58inc VAT
Because of an advanced proprietary technology from Artool, natural and organic illustration effects can now be achieved like never before with the Texture FX Freehand Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez.  Learn More
Artool Frisket Matte Rolls and Sheets
Our Price: $12.90-$33.19
From  $12.90ex VAT$13.16inc VAT
Artool FrisketFilm is a low tack, soft-peel, self-adhesive masking film which can be effectively used with most mediums. Available in matte and gloss finish, it has a translucent backing sheet for easy  Learn More
Artool Art Mask, 18 in x 10 yd roll
Our Price: $29.50
From  $29.50ex VAT$30.09inc VAT
Artmask is a multi-purpose, adhesive backed masking film which works well on any surface. Artmask is a medium tack masking film and adheres to nearly all porous surfaces. It is especially suited for  Learn More
Iwata Nozzle 0.2mm
Our Price: $40.98
From  $40.98ex VAT$41.80inc VAT
Each nozzle is precisely made on the industry’s most sophisticated machinery. They are hand tested to assure accurate control and fine atomization of the spray, and they are self-sealing, which eliminates the need  Learn More
Iwata Head System 0.23mm
Our Price: $171.26
From  $171.26ex VAT$174.69inc VAT
The unique feature of the hand-matched head system means all of the parts in the head are assembled, tested and adjusted until the spray characteristics are as perfect as an airbrush can be. Available only as a  Learn More
Iwata Head System .18mm
Our Price: $171.26
From  $171.26ex VAT$174.69inc VAT
The unique feature of the hand-matched head system means all of the parts in the head are assembled, tested and adjusted until the spray characteristics are as perfect as an airbrush can be. Available only as a  Learn More
Iwata Airbrush from Scratch DVD by Schnepf
Our Price: $33.30
From  $33.30ex VAT$33.97inc VAT
Airbrush From Scratch DVD is a must-see video for beginning airbrush enthusiasts. Airbrush instructor Raphael Schnepf teaches beginners the art of airbrushing using proven methods and techniques, instructing  Learn More
Artool Freehand Airbrush DVD by Eddie Young
Our Price: $24.85
From  $24.85ex VAT$25.35inc VAT
Step into the studio of Eddie Young, illustrator and designer with the Walt Disney Studios, as he demonstrates his new Freehand Airbrush Templates by Artool Products Company in a VHS-NTSC or PAL format, 60  Learn More
Artool Freehand Airbrush DVD by Bob Soroka
Our Price: $37.82
From  $37.82ex VAT$38.58inc VAT
In this 45 minute instructional DVD, airbrush master Bob Soroka guides you through the use of Artool templates to create the righteous winged skull design on the disc's cover Using Artool's Signature  Learn More
How To: Basics of Painting Fur
Our Price: $14.31-$357.10
From  $14.31ex VAT$14.60inc VAT
When painting most fur patterns, you want to start with an opaque background of a medium value color. This medium value color should be in accordance with the overall coloring of your subject. Once applied,  Learn More
How to: Give Dimension to Objects
Our Price: $100.54-$248.13
From  $100.54ex VAT$102.55inc VAT
What creates the illusion of dimension for objects in a painting? What gives reality to shapes and items in an airbrush painting? The answer to both questions is shading, the cast shadow or the implied  Learn More
How to: Quick Sketch Portrait
Our Price: $14.31-$251.22
From  $14.31ex VAT$14.60inc VAT
A simple preliminary study-sketch will be executed in five basic sections. It has always been a challenge to express more life and beauty within a painting than is possible with photography. It amounts to  Learn More