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Buff Titanium (PW 6:1) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic
Our Price: $5.49
From  $5.49ex VAT$5.60inc VAT
Buff Titanium is a rich sand-colored neutral that balances the coverage and lightening power of Titanium White with a less reflective, more natural looking tone. Try mixing Buff Titanium where you might otherwise us  Learn More
Buff Titanium 4oz Jar, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic
Our Price: $8.24
From  $8.24ex VAT$8.40inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Ultimate(tm) Acrylics - Powerful colors, Superb Handling and Superior Brushing Properties. You'll love the vibrancy, clarity and superior tinting strength of our acrylics, and the higher pigment  Learn More
Buff Titanium (PW 6:1) Pint Jar, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic
Our Price: $21.10
From  $21.10ex VAT$21.52inc VAT
Buff Titanium is a rich sand-colored neutral that balances the coverage and lightening power of Titanium White with a less reflective, more natural looking tone. Try mixing Buff Titanium where you might otherwise  Learn More
Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Suitcase Set

Our Price: $52.73
From  $52.73ex VAT$53.78inc VAT
Heavy Body Artist Color, previously referred to as High Viscosity, has a thick consistency for traditional art techniques using brushes or knives, as well as for experimental, mixed media, collage and printmaking  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Gem 7 Tube Set
Our Price: $47.20
From  $47.20ex VAT$48.14inc VAT
A dazzling selection of jewel colors to highlight artwork. They are exquisite used on their own, or mix them with standard colors to create intriguing effects of light and depth. From rich, warm Aztec Gold to icy,  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Interference 7 Tube Set
Our Price: $47.20
From  $47.20ex VAT$48.14inc VAT
Daniel Smith Luminescent(TM) Interference colors shimmer, shifting in light from the colors found in their names to more subtle, neutral complements. They reall 'pop' when brushed over dark backgrounds. This set  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic Mediums
Our Price: $6.59-$179.95
From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Mediums extend your paint and add brushability, without foaming during mixing. They dry to a clear, flexible non-yellowing finish. Mix gloss and matte thoroughly for satin finishes, and remix  Learn More
GOLDEN Acrylic Medium and Molding Pastes Sample Set
Our Price: $21.29
From  $21.29ex VAT$21.72inc VAT
GOLDEN Acrylic Gel Medium and Molding Pastes Sampler Set The mediums in this set are tools that broaden acrylic working properties and expand painting possibilities.  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Acrylic Medium UV Varnishes
Our Price: $8.74-$26.33
From  $8.74ex VAT$8.91inc VAT
Artists' Acrylic is Winsor & Newton's finest quality acrylic range and represents a breakthrough in acrylic color technology. After extensive research and development, they present the brightest ever range of  Learn More
daVinci Top-Acryl Synthetic Brushes

Our Price: $6.92-$125.96
From  $6.92ex VAT$7.06inc VAT
These durable watermedia brushes are extremely resilient and versatile. The synthetic fibers are strong and springy. The rounds come to a finely tapered point, and the flats have a crisp chisel edge. Nickel-plated  Learn More
Color Shaper Brushes
Our Price: $8.79-$35.49
From  $8.79ex VAT$8.97inc VAT
These intriguing tools give you an entirely new way to handle paint, inks and drawing materials. Traditional hardwood paint brush handles are paired with durable Color Shaper tips made from an advanced rubber  Learn More
Princeton Gesso Brushes
Price$12.99Save:$1.29 (10%)
Our Price: $4.50-$11.70
From  $4.50ex VAT$4.59inc VAT
Princeton Better Bristle Gesso Brushes. Generous double thick unbleached natural hog bristle provides the strength and resilience to move the heaviest gesso and paint. Perfect for priming canvas.  Learn More
Silver Brush Daniel Greene Red Sable Detail & Blending Set
Our Price: $303.33
From  $303.33ex VAT$309.40inc VAT
Daniel E. Greene’s portraits can be found in more than 500 public and private collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. These brushes expressly chosen by Green in  Learn More
Silver Brush 3-Piece Scrubber Set, Oval Filbert
Our Price: $8.49
From  $8.49ex VAT$8.66inc VAT
These 'Scrubbers' are made of a very fine quality stiff white taklon and hold their shape in the toughest applications. They are the perfect tool for scrubbing, stippling, blotting, stenciling, watercolor lifting  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Platinum Long Handled Faux Mongoose Brush Set, 5pc
Our Price: $38.79
From  $38.79ex VAT$39.57inc VAT
About Our High Quality Synthetic Brushes. The newest innovations in synthetic fibers combine with traditional handcrafted construction to create the most natural feeling synthetic available. Advanced nylon  Learn More
Princeton RealValue Golden Taklon Round & Shader Brush Set
Our Price: $4.49
From  $4.49ex VAT$4.58inc VAT
Princeton RealValue Golden Taklon Round & Shader Brush Set for acrylic, watercolor and tempera. Made with synthetic hair. This set includes: #1 Round, #3 Round, #5 Round and #6 Shader.  Learn More
Princeton RealValue White Taklon Shader, Angle & Round Brush Set
Our Price: $4.49
From  $4.49ex VAT$4.58inc VAT
Princeton RealValue White Taklon Shader, Angle & Round Brush Set for acrylic, watercolor and tempera. Made with synthetic hair.This set includes: #000 Round, #3 Round, #4 Shader and 1/4' Angle.  Learn More
Princeton RealValue Camel Round & Shader Brush Set
Our Price: $2.99
From  $2.99ex VAT$3.05inc VAT
Princeton RealValue Camel Round & Shader Brush Set for acrylic, watercolor and tempera. Made with natural camel hair. This set includes: #3 Round, #2 Shader and #6 Shader.  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 12 Full Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty
Our Price: $67.89
From  $67.89ex VAT$69.25inc VAT
Our 12 Full-Size Pan Empty Watercolor Travel Box can be filled with your choice of tube watercolors and is compatible with half pan watercolors from other manufactures, like W&N and Sennelier, so our Travel B  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 238 Dot Try It Card
Our Price: $21.95
From  $21.95ex VAT$22.39inc VAT
Now you can try almost every color in our vast and innovative line! Provided on Watercolor Paper, our NEW 238-Watercolor Dot Chart includes the painting properties for every color with a paintable dot you can try  Learn More
Monaco Deluxe Travel Brush Cases
Our Price: $11.99-$17.95
From  $11.99ex VAT$12.23inc VAT
Monaco Deluxe Travel Brush Cases protect your valuable brushes. The padded case is made of strong nylon fabric with internal stiffening, full-length zipper and wrist loop. Inside, there are 8 brush holder pockets  Learn More
Craftech Sienna Studio Palette
Our Price: $149.60
From  $149.60ex VAT$152.59inc VAT
The Sienna Studio Palette is the ultimate painters toolbox. Store all of your paints and brushes under the sliding top section. A 13 inch square tempered glass palette provides plenty of mixing space. Keep your  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Paper Palettes
Our Price: $3.99-$6.89
From  $3.99ex VAT$4.07inc VAT
The Daniel Smith is a disposable palette with cardboard-backed pads of heavyweight translucent white paper specially treated to be impervious to oils, alkyds or acrylics.  Learn More
Martin Universal Design Mijello Artelier Peel-Able Palette
Our Price: $24.49
From  $24.49ex VAT$24.98inc VAT
This two piece Mijello Artelier peel-off airtight sealable palette keeps your oil or acrylics fresh for weeks. Plus due to a special impact plastic the acrylics, when dry, can be easily cleaned by peeling off the  Learn More
Richeson Stainless Steel 6-piece Italian Painting Knife Set
Our Price: $69.96
From  $69.96ex VAT$71.36inc VAT
Richeson Painting Knives are best suited for painting on canvas with oil and acrylic paints. Ideal for painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint. Richeson Painting Knives offer a wide selecti  Learn More
Tempered Steel Offset Painting Knives
One Piece Tempered Steel For painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint, these steel, trowel-style blades are great. This line offers a selection of 36 different blade shapes. These kn  Learn More
Tempered Steel Palette Knives
One Piece Tempered Steel For painting in the impasto technique or mixing and scraping paint, these steel, trowel-style blades are great. This line offers a selection of 36 different blade shapes. These kn  Learn More
Ampersand Encausticbord, Flat 1/8" Panel

Our Price: $3.44-$6.11
From  $3.44ex VAT$3.51inc VAT
A Creative Collaboration between Ampersand™ and R&F Handmade Paints began in 2008 when the two manufacturers, authorities in their respective fields of wood painting panels and encaustic paint colors, started  Learn More
Ampersand Gessobord, 2" Deep Cradle

Our Price: $12.84-$242.98
From  $12.84ex VAT$13.10inc VAT
The #1 Panel for Oils & Acrylics! Gessobord comes ready to paint featuring a professional quality acid-free acrylic gesso ground that is lightly textured for good adhesion,  Learn More
Ampersand Claybord, 2" Deep Cradle
Price$280.10Save:$28.01 (10%)
Our Price: $12.75-$252.09
From  $12.75ex VAT$13.01inc VAT
The ultimate multi-media panel. This ultra-smooth kaolin ground has a velvety-smooth finish that is very absorbent. Made with Ampersand's own True Artist  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Deep Edge Pre-Stretched Canvas

Our Price: $3.14-$78.97
From  $3.14ex VAT$3.20inc VAT
Winsor & Newton Deep Edge Artists' Canvas is made of medium-grain 8oz. natural cotton duck, triple-coated with acid-free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented acrylic primer. Balanced absorbency and  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Pre-Stretched Cotton Canvas
Our Price: $2.50-$19.19
From  $2.50ex VAT$2.55inc VAT
High-quality, ready to paint and sold in twin packs, Winsor & Newton Universal Artists’ Canvas is coated with acrylic primers to accept oil, acrylic and alkyds on a medium grain surface that creates a variety  Learn More
Canson Acrylic Pad, 9 in x 12 in, 10 Sheets
Our Price: $4.36
From  $4.36ex VAT$4.45inc VAT
Switch bulky canvas for this acrylic pad when you want acrylic techniques without time-consuming set up. Paint with acrylics as a thick paste and the Canson Acrylic Pad gives characteristics similar to oil. With  Learn More
Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30 years.  Learn More
Claessens Acrylic Primed Linen Canvas #166, 12.24oz, 84 in x 11 yd
Our Price: $935.20
From  $935.20ex VAT$953.90inc VAT
Claessens Primed Linen Canvas #166, 12.24oz, 84' x 11 yards Acrylic Primed Linen Canvas #166 is a medium weight acrylic-primed canvas. It is sized before the acrylic priming is applied. Claessens' preprimed  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Favorite Artist Linen 10.5oz
Our Price: $30.78-$42.78
From  $30.78ex VAT$31.40inc VAT
this top-quality linen meets the needs of the professional artist DANIEL SMITH 'Favorite' is 10.5 oz., 100% pure linen imported from Belgium. It has substantial weight, 66 threads per square inch, and is made of  Learn More
Richeson Aluminum Gallery Wrap Bars
Our Price: $4.33-$61.64
From  $4.33ex VAT$4.42inc VAT
Now available from Richeson: Aluminum gallery wrap stretcher bars! They're so beautiful they don't even need a canvas. These bars allow the artist to wrap canvas all the way around the bars and secure on the back  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Lightweight Stretcher Bars
Our Price: $0.69-$5.81
From  $0.69ex VAT$0.70inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Lightweight Stretcher Bars are manufactured from white pine. The rise of the canvas from the face of the bar is 1/16'. Extremely useful in small paintings, these bars can save you money and make  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Professional Heavy-Duty Stretcher Bars
Our Price: $4.12-$42.50
From  $4.12ex VAT$4.20inc VAT
Offered in medium and heavy-duty grades, our stretchers are functional and sturdy. Made from kiln-dried wood, finger-jointed for strength, both grades have a full 1/2' rise to prevent sagging. The slightly  Learn More
Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler
Our Price: $71.06
From  $71.06ex VAT$72.48inc VAT
The Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler is the perfect tool for those extra ambitious artists who enjoy stretching & prepping their own canvases. It's construction grade and will hold your art strong even under the  Learn More
Universal Canvas Carrier
Our Price: $12.98
From  $12.98ex VAT$13.24inc VAT
This two-piece Universal Canvas Carrier works with boards, panels and canvases of any size that are up to 1' thick. The top piece, with its built-in handle, holds two canvases, wet or dry, 1/2' apart.  Learn More
Tight'N'Up Canvas Re-Tensioner, 4oz Pump Spray Bottle
Our Price: $4.93
From  $4.93ex VAT$5.03inc VAT
Restore tension to loose canvas without restretching or using expansion keys! Tight'n'up removes sagging, wrinkles or ripples, leaving canvas flat and tight. Just spray or brush on the back of painted or unpainted  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH World's Best Acrylic Gesso
Our Price: $8.20-$82.50
From  $8.20ex VAT$8.36inc VAT
Daniel Smith Acrylic Gesso-Our gesso is heavily pigmented, thick and brushable. Use two coats to cover instead of three! When you paint with oils or acrylics, using high-quality materials to prepare your canvas or  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gesso, Transparent 4 oz
Our Price: $8.95
From  $8.95ex VAT$9.13inc VAT
Open up new possibilities! DANIEL SMITH Transparent Gesso lets the pattern of your substrate shine thorugh while giving you the pigment-holding surface and substrate protection a gesso provides. Ma  Learn More
Liquitex Gessos
Our Price: $6.47-$35.83
From  $6.47ex VAT$6.60inc VAT
Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint. Non-yellowing, flexible and non-cracking, provides the perfect 'tooth' and adhesion to a wide variety of  Learn More
Color Foundation for the Painter: A Complete DVD Guide
Our Price: $99.00
From  $99.00ex VAT$100.98inc VAT
Stephen Quiller is an internationally known painter who is highly regarded for his research and implementation of color theory in his painting expression. He has written two best selling books on color, Color  Learn More
Mickey Lawler Teaches You to Paint Landscape Fabric DVD, by Mickey Lawler
Our Price: $21.95
From  $21.95ex VAT$22.39inc VAT
Spend quality time with Mickey Lawler as she teaches you techniques for painting your own fabric to create beautiful landscape effects. In this DVD, you'll learn what supplies you need to get started, how paints  Learn More
Creating an Antique Surface on Ampersand Gessobord
Our Price: $9.89-$82.50
From  $9.89ex VAT$10.09inc VAT
Experimenting with Daniel Smith Gesso, I hit upon this easy layering technique which gives the effect of an aged patina or old gold leaf and works well with my figurative work. Ampersand's Gessobord is prepared w  Learn More
Create Bright Interior Murals
Our Price: $6.59-$179.95
From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
Joanne Wasserman explores her ideas and techniques for creating bright, large-scale interior murals Joan Wasserman's mural for the Leona Bowman Center for Community Health Nursing was pai  Learn More
The Pleasures of Painting on Claybord
Our Price: $6.59-$179.95
From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
Having used practically every medium and support available in the last thirty years, I now paint with one medium -- acrylic -- on one support -- Claybord. This pH neutral, acid-free surface gives firm support plus  Learn More