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Cerulean Blue Chromium, (PB 36) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic

Price: $7.89
From  $7.89ex VAT$8.05inc VAT
Cerulean Blue is a useful, mid-range blue that is an ideal choice for painting skies. Use this charming color wherever a true blue shade is necessary—this pigment contains very little violet and only the slightest  Learn More
Mars Black (PBk 11) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic

Price: $5.49
From  $5.49ex VAT$5.60inc VAT
Mars Black is an iron-based pigment that is slightly less intense than Lamp Black. This useful color has a velvety finish and is a great choice for deep and moody shadows. Mixed with white it creates a mid-valued  Learn More
Cobalt Green Deep (PG 26) 60ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic
MSRP:$11.32Save:$4.53 (40%)
Price: $6.79
From  $6.79ex VAT$6.93inc VAT
Cobalt Green Deep is an ideal addition to a landscape palette. This deep green has a rich color perfect for pine trees and makes a great base for the foliage of plants. Its natural tone compliments Burnt  Learn More